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about us


“we see our purpose as being to design beautifully simple and functional products crafted from materials that conserve an ecological balance, that are easy-on and genuinely comfortably fit-for-purpose."


Design Philosophy

“Good design stems from an ability to hear, see and interpret unmet human needs and desires. It comes from an ability to understand what is relevant, to turn complexity into simplicity, to make what seems difficult easy, to translate the whole into beautifully relevant solutions that enable and inspire.” 


Why cwic?

In the words of Simon Haythornthwaite, shoe and brand comms. Designer and cwic’s start-up leader.

“cwic has come about because of the lack of good, plain, authentic sneakers on New Zealand, Australian and global markets. 

“I am convinced that there is an unfulfilled opportunity to design and make shoes that fit the lifestyles of people who value good design (vs styling) based on simple functionality that easily fits with their way of life and daily activities, enabling them to do whatever you they want to do.

“Less, but better. is my adopted motto. In a sense, the less/better concept is like the everyday plain, unbranded T-shirt. Once you find the perfect fit, it becomes your go-to everyday item. All you need to do is pick the colour of your choice, then you can wear it with anything, it is unobtrusive. You are not typecast. You can wear it casually or with a suit. So it is with cwic.

“The same motto aligns with our commitment to only use materials and processes that tread lightly on the earth.

“People ask me about the meaning of the brand name. It derives from the Old English word cwic, which literally means quick. It shares ancestry with the Latin words vivus and vivere, meaning respectively living and to live, and Greek bios and zōē, meaning ‘life.’

“The word defines what we have set out to do: design footwear that is fast to slip on and off, enabling the user to get up and going quickly without fuss; and cwic to create shoes for living in all day/everyday and for every occasion/situation.”